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The Darkness Knows

The Darkness Knows, by Arnaldur IndriĆ°ason In spite of the subtitle "Detective Konrad #1," this is not the first of the Icelandtic murder mystery novels featuring Detective Konrad.  I've read the others, so...  Maybe the first since he's retired, but definitely not the first.  Even the blurbs mention his "return" and the reader being "reunited" with him.   With the glaciers of Iceland melting it shouldn't come as a surprise that the body of a murder victim, hidden decades earlier, is uncovered.  The original suspect is once again raked over the coals.  This time, he's terminally ill, and expected to make a death bed confession.  Problem is, he still insists he had an alibi.  Konrad was the investigator on the original case, that of a missing man (the one found in the ice).  He has an interest in the outcome of it now that they have a body.  He's still liked well enough within the force that they share information and let him be a bit of

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