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The Last Place You Look

The Last Place You Look, by Kristen Lepionka
Published in 2017, The Last Place You Look is the author's debut novel, the first in what is to become "The Roxane Weary Mystery Series."  I look forward to reading #2, What You Want to See, published last year, and the upcoming The Stories You Tell

It's not so much the character, Roxane "with one n" that made the story for me.  I didn't find her a very likeable person (see more below in the SPOILERS), but the story, the mystery of it is what drew me in.  That could have been told by any PI, it didn't depend on anything special in Roxane.  We get a lot of her family background, hopefully not to be rehashed in later books. 

Roxane's father was recently killed, as they say, in the line of duty.  Yes, he was a cop.  A great cop, but a poor father.  Roxane recalls, "My father always had a drink in his hand.  It was part of him, like his broad shoulders or his temper or his antifreeze-blue eyes.&quo…

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